CHILL TOWELS are 100% terry cloth towels that are pre-moistened with our patent pending All-Natural cooling solution. Each towel is hygienically sealed and individually wrapped in a resealable package. Chill Towels provide instant cooling, without refrigeration, right out of the package! (No soaking, no wringing, no waiting.) Towel features include:


The self-cooling solution contains only purified water and natural botanicals. No harsh chemicals. Naturally refreshing.


Chill Towels do more than cool you down. They are hygienically sealed and contain antiseptic properties.


Resealable packaging allows you to use Chill Towels again and again!


Chill Towels readily drop to 1˚- 7˚C below your normal body temperature with a simple shake, quickly relieving users from the effects of heat.


Towels are 100% cotton. Packaging is 100% plastic. Products are 100% recyclable!


Even without prior refrigeration, Chill Towels cool you down straight from the package.

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Chill Cooling Towel

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